Lolo Isko’s ‘magic’ brings back Joaquin’s memories

At the airport, Ryan is seemingly out of sorts. He excuses himself from Alex and goes to a silent corner, where he closes his eyes and bumps his head against the wall. An old janitor notices this and talks to him, telling him that he must be confused if he is having a hard time deciding. The old man also tells him that he must use his heart whenever he makes a decision because no matter what the mind says, it will not change the dictates of the heart. He tells Ryan to believe in “magic.”

At the mention of the word “magic,” Ryan remembers Lolo Isko saying the exact same thing to him and Chichay. A flood of memories come rushing back, his sweet memories with Chichay and his memories of Lolo Isko. He now remembers everything as Joaquin. He opens his eyes and calls for the janitor, who he now recognizes as Lolo Isko, but he is gone. Will Joaquin now do everything to be with Chichay? What will happen next?

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