Leonel kills Francis

Leonel learns that Anton has a vendetta against Adelina and her family. Anton leads Leonel to where he is keeping Sarah and Francis captive.

Meanwhile at Nicolas’s wake, Carissa admits to Marietta that she loved Nicolas and that she was the one who told Adelina about their relationship. They soon  realize that Francis and Sarah are missing. Marietta sends out Ignacio to look for them.

Ignacio locates them at Anton’s hideout. However, Anton’s men catch him and kill him. Adelina receives a video message showing Sarah and Francis being held captive and Francis being hurt. Anton calls Adelina saying he will return Sarah and Francis in exchange for Carissa and herself.

Sarah pleads with Leonel, but Leonel says he will not kill Francis only if she chooses him. But Sarah makes it clear she only loves him like a brother and a friend. Leonel gets mad and tells Anton he will kill Francis himself. Leonel then asks for privacy. He then covers Francis head with a sack. When Sarah, Anton, and his men come back they find Francis lying on the floor. Leonel says he will take care of the body himself. Is Francis dead?

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