Leonel finds out Sarah is Francis’s girlfriend

Ignacio meets with Carissa and Edmund and convinces the couple to use him as a way to help Francis with his medical/financial needs. Ignacio uses this as leverage.

Ignacio goes to Marietta’s house bearing gifts, medicine, and an allowance for Francis, making them believe everything came from him.

Meanwhile, Francis and Sarah’s birthday is coming up and they think it’s a wonderful idea to have a joint celebration with all their loved ones present. Marietta is opposed to the idea, but Francis charms her into saying yes.

Leonel saves one of his boss’s clients which earns him a motorcycle as a reward. He is saving up because he wants to get Sarah a special gift for her birthday.

Sarah and Francis spend more time with each other and Carissa begs Sarah to think about her suggestion, even if Adelina advises her to let the two be.

Leonel sees Sarah and Francis being sweet with each other. He confronts the two and hurts Sarah’s feelings by alluding that she’s behaving like a whore.

He confronts Francis at home and Francis admits that Sarah is already his girlfriend. Marietta hears it and asks Francis about it. How will Marietta react to this? And will Sarah follow Carissa’s advice and break up with Francis?

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