Leonel admits to Francis he loves Sarah

Leonel tells Sarah that he didn’t mean to hurt Natalia, but he is in love with someone else. Sarah feels sorry for her friend.

Carissa tells Edmund of her plan to sue Marietta and Elvira.

Meanwhile, Francis mentions that he saw Leonel in dapper clothes. He also mentions Leonel owning a car. Marietta is surprised with this piece of news, but Leonel says Francis is lying. This leads to an altercation between brothers.

For his part, Anton remembers how Adelina became the cause of his father’s death. Because of this, he swears to take away from Adelina everyone and everything she loves.

Marietta asks Bernardo to come home, but Bernardo remains firm that he won’t for as long as Marietta and Elvira want to pursue Adelina’s wealth. Later, Marietta and Elvira are surprised when a warrant for their arrest arrives.

Francis arrives at the eatery, which leads to another Leonel and Francis confrontation. This time Francis pushes Leonel to admit he likes Sarah and Leonel admits he loves her. Sarah hears this. The fight is broken up when Xenon arrives informing them of Marietta and Elvira’s arrest. Will the brothers resolve their growing differences? Keep watching Muling Buksan Ang Puso weeknights at 9:00PM on ABS-CBN.