Leonel  decides to join Anton’s organization

Sarah’s family is expecting Francis to attend party, but at the last minute and to everyone’s disappointment, Marietta lets them know they are not coming.

Leonel goes to Sarah’s house to celebrate with her instead of Francis. Sarah welcomes him and appreciates the gift he has given her. Leonel is very happy that all his hard work has paid off.

Francis begs Marietta to let him go for a short while to Sarah’s party, but Marietta won’t let him. Ignacio then asks Marietta’s permission to bring him to his house to give him a present. Francis is surprised and happy to see Adelina waiting for him at Ignacio’s house.

Adelina is overjoyed upon seeing Francis and gives more cash to Ignacio for Francis’s tests and operation. Ignacio, however, seems to have other plans for the money.

Meanwhile, Leonel gets to meet his boss—Sir Anton. Leonel finds out he is delivering illegal drugs, but still decides to join Anton’s organization so he can prove something to Marietta who keeps comparing him to Francis.