Lemuel lands in jail

Lemuel decides to expose the Layers' evil plans. Honesto backs his lolo's claims that the Layers stand to gain 25 million pesos from the housing project. The people believe Honesto because his nose did not swell when he told them what he heard.

Honesto feels bad that his family and Abby's family are going against each other.

Hugo is mad and he vows to get even with Lemuel. Some robbers accuse Lemuel of being their mastermind, even falsely using Honesto to incriminate Lemuel. Lemuel lands in jail.

Meanwhile, Diego wonders why his parents, despite their blessings, are still corrupt. He pities Honesto and his family. He also admires Honesto's courage. He confronts his dad and Hugo almost hits him. Will Diego betray his own family to help Honesto?

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