Laz asks Stella to leave the Benedicto mansion

Laz firmly tells Stella that she has to leave the mansion. Arlene begs Laz to let her go with Stella. Laz eventually agrees.

Later, Stella tells Arlene that she will have more chances to be with Laz now that he is sure to visit Arlene in their new house. Meanwhile, Amparo pretends to support Laz's decision. She also encourages him to get back Arlene by wooing Stella.

In school, Arlene declares that she's out of Annaliza's singing group and that she has made her own. They will also compete in their school's Christmas carol event.

Lui and Jeric affirm their love for each other and spend a magical night together before Jeric leaves.

Guido sees Gigi crying and he tells her that she made the right decision in leaving her married boyfriend.

Guido chances upon Isabel and Isabel tells him her suspicion that Stella is involved with Annaliza's kidnapping. Will Guido and Stella join forces to find out the truth about Stella?

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