Laura pins aswang slay on the Son of Darkness

Agustin continues to lead the Kapatiran in their search for the Tagabantay.

Reyna Nerea sends Rabuyo to the human world to seek Juan’s help, while she guards the tower to fool Peruja into thinking that Rabuyo and the jewel are still there.

Juan, Tata Julian, and Asiong plan on the best way to defeat the manananggal. Rosario goes to them to tell Juan that her parents have allowed her to stay in the Philippines with them.

Agor and Peruja, as planned, attack the Engkanto land thinking that Rabuyo and the jewel are there.

Rabuyo finally reaches Bicol, but Juan is not at home.

Meanwhile, Laura continues to spread terror in the city by killing as a manananggal. She attacks some Aswang and tells Samuel that the Son of Darkness did it. Samuel thinks that it’s time to kill the Son of Darkness. Will Samuel find out the truth about Laura? Keep watching Juan Dela Cruz at 7:30PM on ABS-CBN.