Kuya Kim features hot wheels in "Matanglawin"

Fasten your seatbelts this Sunday (Sep 15) as Kuya Kim takes you on a joy ride featuring all the coolest cars you can imagine in “Matanglawin.

Find out how you can pump up your ride through car customizations just like a van that has 34 speakers and a 51-inch flat screen television in it and cars with designs inspired from cartoon characters.
Kuya Kim also travels back in time to learn all about the evolution of vehicles and check out cool vintage cars such as the Volkswagen. 

Celebrity guest host Kitkat, on the other hand, explores the metro aboard a double-decker bus and parties with friends inside a “party bus” while teen king Daniel Padila gives a sneak peek of his very own car. 
Meanwhile, the Philippines’ King of the Road --- the jeepney--- wouldn’t be left behind as Kuya Kim features jeepneys that are not just air-conditioned but also has wi-fi and gives a jeepney make-over for a driver who has been driving a jeepney for 3o years now. 

Don’t miss “Matangawin” this Sunday (Sep 15), 9:45 AM on ABS-CBN. Tweet your thoughts using the hashtag #MatanglawinSakayNa.