Kute becomes emotional after seeing Arturo

On “Be Careful With My Heart,” an upset Kute refuses to talk to Teresita after discovering that her mother arranged her meeting with Arturo. 
Later, Kute decides to meet with Arturo. Coming to Teresita’s defense, Arturo tells Kute that her mother did not forgive him. He also tells her that when he talked to Maya, he hoped that everything could go back to normal for them. However, he takes it back by saying that he knows it will not happen and acknowledges Kute for being a better head of the family than him. In the end, a regretful Arturo promises that he will not interfere with their lives anymore as he returns to Cebu the next day. 
As Arturo leaves, he drops a paper boat behind. Kute looks at it closely and remembers a childhood memory of her father building paper boats with her. She breaks down into tears. 
Will the tension finally settle down among the Dela Rosas after Kute’s talk with Arturo? Keep on watching, “Be Careful with My Heart,” weekdays after “Minute to Win It.”

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