Kris, Josh and Bimby visit Osaka, Japan

On “KrisTV” today, Kris Aquino shared her family vacation during the holidays in Osaka Japan, with guest co-host, John “Sweet” Lapus.

On their first day at Osaka, Kris and the kids arrived at the airport and went straight to their hotel. Afterwards, they had dinner at a Japanese restaurant nearby. 

They strolled along the streets and shopping areas for their second day, going to stores like Daiso, Uniqlo, H.M. and Tokyu Han, where Kris loved their unique pens. They also encountered a Pinay, who took a picture with them and cosplayers since it was Halloween. Later, they stopped by Daimaru to eat types of Katsu that Josh really likes. 

For the day 3 of their ‘Just Us Osaka Adventure,’ Kris and the kids went to the Universal Studios Osaka, where they enjoyed various attractions such as the Sesame Street 4D, Terminator 2 3D and Spider Man the Ride, among others. They also rode a train and ate heavy dinner. 

They rode the subway on their fourth day in Osaka. Kris also shopped for clothes and later, they rode the Umeda Ferris Wheel, where they got an overlooking view of the city. They also went to the arcade center, Joypolis, ate dinner and walked around Dotonbori. 

For the rest of the show, Kris and Sweet exchanged thoughts and opinions on her Osaka adventure.

“Kris TV’s” ‘Just Us Osaka Adventure’ trip continues tomorrow, November 7, after “Umagang Kay Ganda” on ABS-CBN.