Kim on reconciliation with Maja: ‘Yeah, siguro ‘wag nating pilitin… ‘pag hindi buong puso’
“Yeah, siguro ‘wag nating pilitin… ‘pag hindi buong puso.” These were the words that Kim Chui uttered regarding her lost friendship with actress and former best friend, Maja Salvador when asked if she is willing to reconcile with her in the future. Kim further added that she knows how other people have differing opinions on her relationship with Maja without really knowing the real situation.“’Yung iba kasi, may kanya-kanyang opinion as if sila ‘yung nasa posisyon mo. Hindi naman nila alam kung ano talaga yun.” Nevertheless, Kim admitted that she is happy now. Kris asked her, “May pinagdadaanan ka pa ba or okay na okay ka na?” Kim replied with, “Sobrang okay na.”

Earlier in this episode, Bimby got to share his fears with Kris and Kim. He said that he is afraid that Kris will remarry, adopt, and that he will have a baby sister. He also admitted his fear of getting abandoned and lonely, and that he is willing to sacrifice his life for his mother.

With this, Bimby asked Kim of her fear in which she replied with, “What’s my fear? To be alone,” and Bimby acknowledged her answer by agreeing, “Just like me.” This episode of Kris TV was a continuation of their Hundred Islands adventure where along with the rest of the Kris TV team, Kris, Kim and Bimby went ona trek and discussed about diets, families and fears.