Kim Chiu clarifies snubbing incident on "KrisTV"

Kim Chiu explained her side of the story on the fan snubbing incident on "KrisTV" this morning.

According to Kim, she was grocery shopping with her family at S&R, The Fort when fans approached her to have their picture taken with the actress.  Kim said she happily accommodated them given that she was grateful they were addressing her as “Sandy,” her character role in the blockbuster film, “Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?” Kim, however, singled out one encounter that has become a big deal over social networking sites. “Kasi ano siya, mukha silang mga alta… tapos yung tita, feeling ko siya yung tita kasi yung mommy sa side lang, sabi niya ‘si Kim Chiu oh! You know her? You know her? It’s Kim Chiu! It’s Kim Chiu!’ Tapos parang yung mga bata, lalaki yun at saka babae, maliliit, tinutulak niya. ‘It’s Kim Chiu, it’s Kim Chiu! Take a picture with Kim Chiu!’” narrated Kim. 

The kids however looked like they didn’t want to approach the actress so Kim offered the aunt to just take a photo with her instead but still, the woman insisted to have the photo taken with the children. “Pinipilit niya…so parang ako, mamimili pa po kami, magsasara na po yung ano (supermarket), anong gagawin natin?”  But the aunt was still forceful that the boy’s shirt loosened around the neckline already for the little girl was holding on to it because she didn’t want to approach Kim. In the end, the mother took her daughter to take a picture with Kim yet the boy still did not join them. 

Just when one thought the situation’s over, the two parties met at the counter. “Nung nagkita kami, lumapit yung tita at baby girl na nagpapicture kasi ulitin niya daw eh ayaw naman talaga nun batang babae, nawala na nga yung lalaki eh. Yung batang babae pinipilit pa din siya na, ‘It’s Kim Chiu! It’s Kim Chiu! You saw her on TV. It’s Celine! It’s Celine!’” Soon Kim decided to not mind them anymore and focused on paying for her groceries instead. 

After the incident, the “tita” turned to Facebook and posted that she was snubbed by Kim which immediately caught the attention of her fans as one of them took a screenshot of the post and reposted it Twitter. This spun a lot of negative comments that Kim felt sad about it. “Isa nga lang yung hindi ko pinansin, naging big deal. Sa dami-dami ng nagpapicture sayo, parang isa lang yung mali mo, ginawa nang big deal.” 

Kim especially felt disappointed with how harsh the post was; especially the Facebook post attacking Kim.“Sa dami ng mabuti mong ginagawa, may isa kang mali, yun at yun ang ididiin at ididiin nila sayo,” the actress sadly stated. 

However, Kim also appreciated those who showed support such as some children who had their pictures taken with her and posted the photos online to her defense. 

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