Kids call Honesto a monster

Leah spends the weekend in jail and the Layers continue with their campaign. Soon after, they win the elections. After their proclamation, they invite the whole town to their house for a big celebration. Leah doesn’t want to attend the party, but Hugo orders her to go.

Honesto also gets ready for the party. Lourdes tells him that they’re not going to the party but Honesto says that they should be at peace with everybody, just like what he hears in church. The Galang family has no choice but to attend the party.

At the lavish party, Hugo welcomes everybody and mentions the presence of Lemuel. Lemuel talks to Leah and Hugo thinks he is berating her. Hugo then criticizes Lemuel for Elai’s and Lourdes’s lack of an education and offers to send Elai to school. Lemuel says no.

Abby invites Honesto to play inside the house. During a game of hide and seek, Honesto lies about Abby’s whereabouts and his nose instantly puffs up. The kids see this and runs away screaming “monster.” Honesto cries to his family, saying that he has no friends now. Lourdes, Lemuel, and Elai all console him, telling him if Abby is his real friend, she will eventually come around. Will Abby change his mind about Honesto being a monster?

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