KC Concepcion fulfills her dream of becoming a mermaid on KrisTV
Through “KrisTV” and through the help of the Mermaid Coaches of Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy, KC Concepcion fulfills her dream of becoming a mermaid. The Diamond Hotel allowed the reali-TV to use their swimming pool where KC enjoyed different swimming techniques using a mermaid tail. According to KC, as a kid she used to pretend she’s a mermaid and even played the Little Mermaid in theater. 

Later on the show, Kris and Melai indulged themselves in the sumptuous pastries the Diamond Hotel offered. Some of their featured desserts are the Super Moist Chocolate Cake, Baked Cheescake, Le Royale, Vanessa Pistachio Macaron, Chocolate Cake, Raspberry and Lychee, and Coconut Cream Pie, among others. They were also taught by the head Ensaymada Baker, Chef Cercy Nacer, the recipe to creating the sinful Diamond Ensaymada. 

More sweet treats and wishes granted on “KrisTV,” Mondays to Fridays at 8AM on ABS-CBN.