Juliana fires Betchay

Dominic starts courting Chichay and this doesn’t sit well with Joaquin. He asks her why she didn’t tell him and Chichay says some things she just can’t tell a guy like him.

Juliana gives Chichay a call so Chichay tells Joaquin that they should both go home. Before he goes home though, Joaquin sees Chichay laughing with Dominic and he thinks Dominic is the reason why Chichay doesn’t want to spend time with him.

Joaquin confides to Mang Poro and Jaime and both give him some advice regarding women.

Chito, meanwhile, applies for a post in a horror house and impresses the manager by scaring him.

Juliana confides to Gigi about her problem with Jaime and Betchay and how she wants to get rid of Betchay. During dinner at the mansion, Juliana finds fault with the dish Betchay painstakingly prepared and to everyone’s shock, fires her. Will Jaime allow Juliana to do this to Betchay?

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