Juliana allows Joaquin to be with Chichay

Chito feels guilty because he knows his decision will affect Chichay and Joaquin's friendship.

Jaime tells Juliana that she will alienate Joaquin because of what she did. Juliana runs to Ronaldo crying. Ronaldo advises Juliana to change tactics so she can achieve her goal of keeping Joaquin and Chichay apart.

In the morning, Juliana apologizes to Joaquin, telling him that she will now allow him to be with Chichay and that she will remove his bodyguard to prove she trusts him. Joaquin hugs Juliana. Jaime also thanks Juliana for everything that she's doing for him and Joaquin.

Later, Juliana goes to Chito and Betchay and she asks their forgiveness. She also offers to continue Chichay's scholarship, but Chito doesn't accept it.

Joaquin happily tells Chichay the development regarding Juliana. He also tells her that they are now "TNT", which means "Tayo Na hindi Tayo."

Chito now allows Chichay to be friends with Joaquin. Chichay also receives a call from a vastly different and kind Juliana.

Juliana talks to Armand and tells him to find out everything he can about the Tampipi family. She tells Gigi that if she finds a dark secret about Chichay, she will make sure Joaquin knows about it. Will Juliana find anything she can use against Chichay?

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