Julia Montes learns to love herself in "Wansapanataym"

Kapamilya actress Julia Montes will teach TV viewers the importance of loving one’s self this Saturday (February 22) in ABS-CBN’s award-winning fantasy-drama anthology “Wansapanataym.” 

In the episode titled ‘Three in One,’ Julia will portray the role of Trina, a young woman from the province who wishes to get the acceptance of the people in the city. Because of her desire to dress up and be like her classmates, Trina is given a magical stone that will give her the ability to create a new ‘Trina’ that has the kind of personality she wants to have. Will Trina finally learn to love and accept herself when she loses control of the personalities she created? 

Also in the ‘Three in One’ episode are Malou Crisologo, Robi Domingo, and Eda Nolan. It is written by Noreen Capili, and directed by Erick Salud. 

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