Juan struggles to control the Son of Darkness in him

Juan struggles to control the Son of Darkness in him as his left hand turns “Aswang” and attacks innocent people, even Asiong.

Peruja gives more power to the Aswang and allows them free rein to feed their hunger for humans. Rosario calls Juan to save people from these attacks.

Prinsesa Mirathea goes to human world on a mission, leaving Bagno to protect their Kingdom while she’s gone.

While Juan is preoccupied protecting people from Aswang attacks, Agor and Peruja attack the Engkanto land trying to get the last crystal/jewel. Peruja brings along countless numbers of Aswang to help her beat Engkanto forces, until finally, she and Reyna Nerea face each other in battle.

Juan and Mira go to the land of the Engkanto to help defeat Peruja. But once Juan gets near Peruja, he suddenly grasps Prinsesa Mirathea by the neck, his Aswang hand having a will of its own. Will Juan kill the princess?

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