Juan rallies the people to fight

Juan overpowers the Son of Darkness in him while strangling Rosario. Juan’s family and friends are overjoyed to have him back.

Peruja is incensed about losing the Son of Darkness. However, she still has the steel cross and soon, she will be ready to reclaim her body and fight Juan.

For the meantime, she orders her minions to continue wreaking havoc on earth. People are losing hope and they are looking for the Tagabantay.

Juan sends a message to the people, giving them hope and telling them that they can also help fight evil, that together they can defeat Peruja and finally live in peace. Because of this, Juan empowers the people to fight.

Also, Asiong and Liway talk about seeing each other even after the fight with Peruja is over.

Juan goes to Peruja to get back the steel cross. Juan and Peruja, in the body of Agor, fight but it looks like Peruja has the upper hand and is beating Juan. Where will Juan get the strength to fight Peruja?

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