Juan gets his hands on the stone of Saragnayan

Juan protects human kids from the wrath of several Aswang. He tells the kids it’s wrong to steal and the kids turn over to Juan what they found—the stone of Saragnayan.

Samuel, who just sent Laura’s maid to her death for conniving with Laura, also finds out the stone of Saragnayan is missing and that Juan killed their kind to save the kids. Samuel decides to follow Juan and punish him.

The Kapatiran, including his loved ones, talks to Juan and assures him of their help. Juan tells them there is no time to lose because volcano activity all over the country has worsened. This is the sign that the impending war between humankind and Aswang is about to happen. And Juan will do his best to stop this so he can save both.

Before he sets out, he asks guidance from God. Then Agor, on the orders of Princess Mirathea and Peruja, goes to Juan to help him get to the cave where Peruja is imprisoned.

Mira, meanwhile, sets out to escape and help Juan. Will Juan accomplish his mission? Keep watching Juan Dela Cruz weeknights at 7:30 on ABS CBN.