Juan gets his hands on a fake Saragnaya

Juan continues his search for the Saragnaya. Samuel fools him into taking a fake one while the former keeps the real one.

This frustrates Juan, but he is determined to get Saragnaya before the three days of darkness come to pass, even if this means prolonging the pain for his loved ones. Loley, Tata Julian, and Pikoy are still terribly hurt and confused because Juan has left their side.

Juan meets good aswangs and realizes they are like regular people. He also realizes that a lot of them hate him and fear him because he has killed a lot of their kind. Samuel, meanwhile, does his best to get the aswangs to trust Juan.

In the meantime, Prinsesa Mirathea promises Reyna Nerea that she will kill Juan if he doesn’t abide by his promises.

Peruja tells Agor that Haring Aswang is keeping Juan from finding Saragnaya. Agor assures her everything will proceed according to their plan.

Will Juan find Saragnaya in time? Keep watching Juan Dela Cruz weeknights after TV Patrol.