Juan finds out Saragnaya and Peruha are one and the same

Lola Belen goes to Juan to tell him about her dream of Juan defeating Saragnaya, the black fairy, using a jewel-encrusted stone with a face. Juan, with the help of Agor, later finds out that Saragnaya is the Aswang’s God and that she and Peruha are one and the same. It is now clear to Juan that to defeat the Aswang, he has to defeat Saragnaya/Peruha first.

Tata Julian is determined to get the steel cross back from Juan since he like Rosario, is filled with doubts about Juan. Mira’s faith in him, however, strengthens Juan’s resolve to continue with his mission.

Meanwhile, Kael lords it over everyone, including Laura, while Samuel sneaks up on them and makes his presence known.

Agor, meanwhile, pushes Juan to find Saragnaya as this brings him closer to his mission of freeing Saragnaya/Peruha.