Juan discovers that Pikoy and the kids are being held on an island

Agor continues to gain Juan’s trust by inflicting excruciating pain on an aswang and getting him to tell them where Pikoy and the other kids have been taken. The General calls on everybody to be vigilant and to help the Tagabantay and the Kaptiran in their mission to save the kids. 

Meanwhile, Kael tells the kids what life on the island will be like: They will be fed and cared for, but will be punished if they break the rules. Pikoy knows who Kael is and he tells the other kids they ought to escape because they will be eaten by these aswangs.

Samuel gets the tunay na anito so the aswangs can continue their battle against Peruja. Samuel then talks to the other aswangs and tells them he is protecting the Son of Darkness for the good of their race and not because Juan is his son. Samuel also assures them they will not go hungry because they have an island where they are raising kids for food. 

To counter Samuel’s efforts, Laura plans to spark more animosity between aswangs and Juan, the Son of Darkness.

Tata Julian talks to the Kapatiran to patrol around the clock and to force information out of aswangs. Everybody is worried for Pikoy, especially Loley/Lola Belen. 

Peruja knows what Samuel plans and tells Agor to hurry up and get the Son of Darkness on their side. To do so, Agor sheds some tears and tells Juan how sorry he is that Princess Mira still doesn’t trust him.

At last, an aswang reveals to Juan that the kids have been brought to an island. This information is also broadcasted on TV by the general, which alerts Samuel that people already know where the kids are. Keep watching Juan Dela Cruz at 7:30PM on ABS CBN.