Juan and Asiong save the day on the finale episode of My Little Juan

When the police arrive, Poldo immediately escapes with the Bakal na Krus. Thus, even when Juan and Asiong succeed in catching the Church robbers and returning the Church objects, they fail to recover the Bakal na Krus. 

The next day, Lola Belen allows Asiong, who sleeps under the bridge, to live with them as requested by Juan. This is a good start for them to become a family. However, Juan catches Asiong stealing again. Asiong reveals that he is only doing such so Quintin will not hurt Lola Belen and Juan. Juan has had enough of Quintin’s threats. Thus, he joins Quintin’s gang in order to set them up and again, with Asiong’s help, they succeed in turning over Quintin and his pals to the police.

Juan’s adventures continue on the primetime show, “Juan Dela Cruz,” weeknights after “TV Patrol.