Joaquin wants to court Chichay

After coming back from Joaquin’s first basketball game where she wore a mascot outfit to cheer for him, Chichay apologizes to Joaquin but Joaquin says he doesn’t want Chichay to be his friend anymore, because he wants her to be his girlfriend. He then voices out his intention to court Chichay.

Joaquin also lets Dominic know that he intends to court Chichay and they shake hands on it.

In the office, Martin backs out from helping Jaime with his plans because Juliana threatens him with his job.

Joaquin and Chichay talk about their worries regarding Juliana. Chichay doesn’t know how Juliana will react when she finds out Joaquin is courting her. Joaquin also stresses that Juliana must not find out that he is part of Malaya’s basketball team.

During dinner, Joaquin tells Juliana and Jaime that he joined the debate team and that he is already courting someone but he doesn’t tell them who. Chichay, meanwhile, tells her family about Joaquin’s intention to court her. Chito doesn’t seem to like this. What will he tell Chichay regarding this?

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