Joaquin tells his parents he wants to court Chichay

Juliana and Jaime wait for Amanda and her parents at the restaurant. Joaquin says they are no longer coming and that they should have a family dinner instead. Juliana agrees, thinking that this is a chance to have some quality time for their family. She also likes the fish fillet served at their table, not knowing it was Betchay who cooked it.

In the kitchen, Betchay is relieved when she receives a compliment for her dish.

While having dinner, Chichay arrives. Joaquin introduces her to Juliana and Jaime, saying that it is Chichay and not Amanda he wants to court.

Juliana is furious and walks out. Back at the Manansala mansion, Juliana demands an explanation from Joaquin, saying that she can never accept Joaquin’s former yaya into their family. Joaquin says he can never love someone else. Juliana slaps Joaquin.

Chichay, meanwhile, tells Betchay what brought this on, that she blurted out to Joaquin that she loves him. They tell Chito about it. Chito berates Chichay, telling her that he will talk to Joaquin the next day and that Chichay should avoid him. Betchay tells Chito to go easy on Chichay and to trust Chichay when she says that she will not enter into a relationship with Joaquin.

Jaime and Juliana talk and Jaime says he doesn’t think Chichay will take advantage of Joaquin, but Juliana thinks otherwise. What will Juliana do to make sure Chichay stays away from Joaquin?

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