Joaquin starts seeing things

Jaime continues to worry about Joaquin because of symptoms he sees in him. But Joaquin remains stubborn thinking that Jaime just wants to take him away from Chichay because of he is angry with Chito.

Jaime also finds ways to have the money to have Joaquin checked in the US. He gets a call from a worried Chichay who tells him some of the strange things happening to Joaquin.

Meanwhile, Joaquin starts to dream and see robots. He also loses consciousness. Finally realizing that he’s hallucinating, he goes to Juliana and tells her that he needs to have the bullet in his head taken out. Juliana lashes out in anger thinking that he’s doing it for Chichay and her family. Joaquin leaves before he could tell her what is happening to him. Will Juliana regret her decision? What will happen to Joaquin now that he cannot get help from his mom? Will Chichay do anything to help him?

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