Joaquin sees Nanoy

Juliana tries to cook a sumptuous dish for Jaime and Joaquin, but fails. During dinner, Joaquin tells Juliana about running as freshman representative. Juliana voices her doubts but Joaquin is determined to give it a try. Juliana gives in but tells him to be careful.

Chichay calls Juliana to ask her if it’s okay to run as freshman representative given that Joaquin is going to be her opponent. Juliana says yes.

Betchay tells Chito about Bunny Bear, saying she’s over him but that she’s worried about Juliana’s reaction if she finds out that Chichay is her daughter and that might affect Chichay’s scholarship. Chito, for his part, has no problems that Betchay is working for Jaime’s family.

Joaquin voices his fears to Jaime regarding speeches and Jaime calls Ronaldo for advice. Juliana overhears the men having a fun time and she’s happy for her family. She also calls Gigi and tells her that she’s doesn’t want Joaquin to lose.

Joaquin, Didith, and Chichay are gearing up for campaign day. Matilda watches beauty pageant Q&A’s with Didith, while Chichay’s family prepares banners and walks her to her school. On campaign day, Joaquin sees Nanoy and remembers lighting fireworks with him when he was a child. What will Joaquin do?

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