Joaquin is leaving for the US

Jaime gets his clothes and moves out of their house, which devastates Juliana. She tells Joaquin that Jaime is not coming back. Joaquin is saddened by the news of his parents’ separation and wants to be a comfort to Juliana. He agrees to accompany her to the US.

Jaime talks to Chichay and tells her to take care of Joaquin. He also tells her about his separation from Juliana.

Joaquin and Chichay spend their remaining time together watching movies. Joaquin is sad because he knows he is leaving soon. Joaquin leaves Chichay his laptop telling her to go online at a certain time because he is going on a vacation with his Mom.

This saddens Chichay and she asks Chito to allow her to give Joaquin a special day before he leaves. Chito agrees and Chichay tells Joaquin about it. Will their special day be a happy one for the both of them?

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