Joaquin gets sick during freshman orientation

Joaquin smiles at Chichay, but Chichay turns her back on him. Juliana and Jaime ask him how his first day of school was, but Joaquin doesn’t tell them the truth. Instead, he calls Yaya Puring and Mang Poro.

The Tampipi family enjoys dinner. Chichay is happy about breezing through her first day of school.

Meanwhile, Jaime tastes the pansit from Chichay’s mother and is reminded of Teddy bear/Betchay. Juliana notices the effect the food has on Jaime and calls Chichay, offering Betchay a post as cook in the house.

In his room, Joaquin also remembers the harrowing experiences he had on his first day of school but Yaya Puring’s voice keeps ringing in his ears, telling him that things will get better. In the morning, Joaquin goes to school early.

Betchay gets Chito to agree that she will work as cook for Juliana. On her first day, Jaime and Betchay almost meet. Betchay also teaches Ethel how to cook, singing while they do so.

Alone in his class, Joaquin learns that everybody is already in the auditorium for the freshman orientation and heads there himself. Pique, the student council president, announces that Joaquin is the top-notcher in the freshman application exam. Didith points him out from the crowd and students drag Joaquin on to the stage. Joaquin is overwhelmed and throws up. Will Joaquin quit school after this incident?

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