Joaquin doesn’t leave with Juliana

Chichay tries calling Joaquin through Juliana, but Juliana won’t answer her calls. Dominic helps Chichay to go to the airport. Along the way, he has to borrow a motorcycle so that they’d get to the airport on time.

Meanwhile, Matilde gives Juliana a call and Juliana tells her that she and Joaquin are staying in the US for good.

Chichay is devastated when she is informed that Joaquin’s plane has already left.

Later, Poro is surprised when Joaquin suddenly arrives, telling him how he heard Juliana’s plans for him. Joaquin also calls Jaime to tell him that he didn’t leave the country.

Juliana is beside herself with panic, she goes to Ronaldo and tells him that Joaquin is missing. That night, Joaquin gives Chichay a call. What will he tell Chichay?

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