Joaquin asks Chichay to dance

Chichay is again put in an embarrassing situation because of Amanda, but she cannot not do anything about it. She runs into Joaquin after that and he sees her crying. Joaquin suspects that Amanda has something to do with it, but Chichay begs him to just let it pass.

At the ball, everybody waits with bated breath as Joaquin stops in front of Amanda. After a while though, he walks and stops in front of Chichay, asking him to dance with her. Everybody is appalled, especially Juliana and Amanda. Chichay runs away and stumbles, but Joaquin picks her up and carries her outside.

Chichay remembers all the times Joaquin fought for her and she vows that this time she will be the one to stand by him.

They see fireworks and Joaquin shares that the last time he’d seen fireworks was when he was a child. Joaquin then holds Chichay’s hand and interlocks fingers with her. Will things go well for the two from now on?

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