Joaquin admits texting Chichay

Joaquin feels bad because Chichay lost in the elections. He runs after her and tells her he voted for her. Joaquin also tells Juliana and Jaime that Chichay should have won. Juliana wonders why Joaquin is concerned about Chichay. That night Joaquin texts Chichay, but doesn’t tell her who he is.

Also, Betchay and Jaime relive their time in Tabunok, with Jaime telling Juliana of Rona’s invitation for Betchay to go with them to Tabunok. Juliana tries to swallow the rising jealousy she feels. Chito also voices his fear of losing Betchay to Jaime, but Betchay assures him of her love.

Meanwhile, Chichay’s family, knowing that she has lost, shows their utmost support for her. The Tampipi family still struggles with budget constraints what with Chichay’s extra school expenses and Chito still looking for a stable job.

Juliana is also having problems at work.

In school, Joaquin gets worried because Chichay doesn’t make it to class. He also tells her about ULAM and PDAP’s plan to contest the result of the elections.

Chichay then asks him if he’s the one texting her and he denies it at first, but eventually owns up. Is there more to Chichay and Joaquin’s friendship than meets the eye?

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