Mang Pepe is slowly losing his battle of becoming a full-fledged aswang

Tata Julian and the rest of the Kapatiran notices there is something strange about him.

Meanwhile, Bagno captures Agor who pins the blame on him. Bagno is further incriminated when the Engkanto’s secret code to the passage is found among his things. This is a set up by Agor. Nerea orders the arrest of Bagno.

Juan, meanwhile, warns Haring Aswang to keep away from Inspector Reyes because he is an aswang. In turn, Haring Aswang divulges to Mahal na Saragnayan that Mang Pepe is already an aswang. Mahal na Saragnayan orders Haring Aswang to get Juan, the Son of Darkness, on their side as soon as possible.

Kael, also gets Mahal na Saragnayan to increase his strength. Mahal na Saragnayan agrees, but tells Kael she will collect payment in the future. Kael, promises his mom Laura that he will defeat Juan in time because he is stronger now.

Mang Pepe emphasizes to Juan the importance of Kagitingan to a taga-bantay like him. That sometimes, it means sacrificing someone who is of utmost importance to you.

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