Isabel suspects Victor is her son Gabriel on "Dugong Buhay"

It’s a heated Wednesday episode for “Dugong Buhay” as Isabel develops suspicions that Victor is her son Gabriel. A necklace fell from Victor as he stopped Simon from killing her at Alex’s funeral, the very same one Isabel gave  Gabriel when he was a baby. Isabel then plans to talk to Victor through Sandy.

Meanwhile, Rafael informs his father that Sandy has been protecting Victor all along. Thus, together with the police, they set up an operation to arrest Victor and Simon in their area. The police’s accomplices confirm that indeed, the “suspects” are in their apartment. However, Tope informs Victor and Simon just in time and Sugar distracts the accomplices. When the police execute their arrest, the other residents of the baranggay help Victor and Simon escape. 

Will the police catch Victor and Simon? Will Isabel be able to talk to Victor and learn the truth? Stay tuned to “Dugong Buhay,” weekdays after “My Little Juan” on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold.