Isabel sees Stella’s earring inside her room

Jeric receives news that he got accepted at Julliard. He tells Lui about it instead of Bianca.

Meanwhile, Bianca waits for him wanting to surprise him, but Jeric arrives late. Bianca tells him to tell her honestly if he still loves Lui.

Upon Arlene’s encouragement, PJ goes to the Benedicto mansion and gives gifts to Annaliza and Laz. Laz talks to PJ and Annaliza, telling PJ that he should focus on his studies and that he is too young to court Annaliza. Annaliza talks to PJ once more telling him that he should respect Laz’s decision. 

In the meantime, Stella is loving life in the mansion. She even goes to Isabel’s room to try on her jewelry. She hears Isabel’s voice and scampers out of the room, leaving behind an earring. Isabel sees Stella’s earring on her table. What will Isabel do next?

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