Isabel sees Stella holding Laz's hands

Arlene tries to win back Annaliza's trust and that includes being chummy with Annaliza's friends. To test Arlene's sincerity, Annaliza and her friends invite Arlene to a fundraising activity, something that Arlene wouldn’t normally do.

Later, PJ pulls a prank on Arlene and Arlene gets even by spilling water all over the lanterns. Of course, Arlene denies it and cries when they accuse her of sabotaging their work.

Meanwhile, Guido fetches Annaliza from school because he had sold their house and he is bringing Annaliza somewhere nice to eat.

In the mansion, Stella is also working to get Isabel’s trust but at the first sign of opportunity, she corners Laz in the kitchen. Isabel comes in and sees Stella holding Laz's hands. How will Isabel react to this?

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