Isabel decides to give Glen back to his real mom

On Annaliza, Annaliza is happy about beating the bullies in a bike race. This means she and her friends will no longer be bullied in school.

Isabel decides on giving Glen back to his mother. Glen is hurt and angry when they tell him about it. But Annaliza tells Glen he is lucky because he has the chance to hug his mom since her own mom is dead while her dad is in prison. Glen promises Annaliza he will hug his mother when he finally meets her. Glen also apologizes for his behavior towards Isabel and Lazaro.

Meanwhile, Guido’s happiness is cut short when he learns from his lawyer that the witness for his case might change his mind about testifying in court.

Lui decides to accompany Annaliza to Family Day in her school. Stella is against it and in the end the sisters argue about it. Also, Lui feels awkward because Bianca continues being sweet towards Jeric, even if Jeric makes it clear to Bianca that it’s Lui he loves.

Makoy brings Stella to his place where she finds what looks like shabu/cocaine among Makoy’s things. She hides it in her own bag. Makoy brings Stella home and Annaliza catches Makoy with Stella.

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