Isabel and Lazaro learn Julie is alive

Makoy calls Isabel and Lazaro and tells them Julie Benedicto is alive. He gives them an hour to give him five million pesos in exchange for the information about their daughter. Isabel and Lazaro go to the meeting place, but Amparo informs the police about the meet-up. Before Isabel and Lazaro can give the money to Makoy, policemen arrive and shoot the latter. Before Makoy can tell Isabel who her daughter, he falls unconscious.

Meanwhile, Stella and her daughters hide at her friend’s house. She belatedly realizes that Annaliza is not with them and she goes back for her.

Meanwhile, Lui and Jeric are having a sweet moment but Bianca comes in reminding Jeric about their pet names for each other, effectively ruining the moment for Lui and Jeric.

Annaliza asks Stella’s permission to go to school on a Saturday. As the head of the decoration committee, she makes the activity fun for her classmates.

In jail, Guido’s attorney comes and tells him he is now a free man.

Isabel meets with Annaliza to tell her that their event at the Ristorante Isabel has been cancelled. She tells Annaliza what happened to the man who was supposed to tell her where her daughter Julie was. Annaliza consoles her. Stella sees Annaliza hugging Isabel and this jolts Stella.

Annaliza tells Stella what Isabel told her. Learning that Makoy is in a coma, Stella thinks they are safe but her friend reminds her that Makoy could wake up. Stella resolves to make sure Makoy never wakes up. What is Stella planning? Keep watching Annaliza at 5:50PM on ABS CBN.