Is romance brewing between Arturo and Teresita?

Maya asks her father to look after her mother and Cho in San Nicolas while Kute was away. He arrives to a commotion in the kitchen and helps Teresita put out the fire. 

Later, Teresita calls Maya and asks her not to tell Kute of Arturo’s visit. As she ends the call, Teresita is informed that their carinderia’s customers have doubled since Arturo started helping out. 
While serving customers, Teresita’s nosy neighbors see Arturo and ask him questions. Arturo gets a reprieve when Teresita calls him to accompany her to the doctor. 

Later, Maya texts Teresita and learns that her mother has hypertension. She also notices that there is something unusual with Teresita’s text messages. Maya gets giddy as she suspects that it could be because Arturo is with her mother.

Is romance brewing again between Arturo and Teresita? Find out on “Be Careful with My Heart,” weekdays after “Minute to Win It” on ABS-CBN. 

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