Is Juliana going to kill herself?

Chichay, Joaquin, and Jaime go look for Juliana, but she is nowhere to be found. Instead, they find a gun case in her bedroom. Jaime is surprised to learn that Juliana has a gun. Jaime thinks she is going to Betchay’s and he calls Betchay to warn her.

Sure enough, a barefoot Juliana is at Betchay’s house. She tells Betchay that Jaime and Joaquin are always choosing Betchay over her and that the men she loves always want Betchay instead. She raises her gun and shouts, but doesn’t shoot. She goes away and goes to the tomb of her dad and her brother. She tells them that she no longer has anybody, and she holds the gun close to her body. Joaquin, Jaime and Chichay arrive and call out to Juliana. What will happen next? What will Juliana do?

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