Is it time for Chichay and Joaquin to let go of each other?

Chichay runs after Joaquin and hugs him, but Joaquin walks away from Chichay. All he remembers now is the pain Chichay caused him. Joaquin then hears Alex calling him right before a van hits her. Joaquin is devastated. At the hospital, he remembers how Alex had nursed him back to health.

Meanwhile, Pedro consoles Chichay, telling her that maybe this is a sign that she is not meant for Joaquin. He also reminds her that he is there for her, and he loves her. That night Chichay draws Pedro.

Next day, Pedro arrives wearing a tux and he tells Chichay that he can also give her the “best date ever.” Will Chichay give Pedro a chance? Will Joaquin choose Alex?

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