Hugo starts his plans against the Galangs

Hugo is mad and at the same time nervous about Lemuel’s discovery of his wrongdoings. He asks Cleto to wreak some revenge for him. But Honesto sees Cleto before he can carry out his plan.

Diego starts asking probing questions from Marie, so Hugo coaches Marie on what to tell Diego. Diego and Honesto are also becoming closer to each other. He visits Honesto one Saturday with Abby and Leah. Leah tells Eloy that he smells like ducks and that he wears the same shirt repeatedly.

Eloy becomes self-conscious and Lourdes notices this. Eloy won’t tell who his crush is so Lourdes assigns Honesto to observe Eloy and figure out who is the object of his affection. Because of his new task, Honesto asks Diego and Marie about crushes. By now, both Diego and Marie are starting to be aware of each other.

To get back at Lemuel, Hugo approaches the market owner where Lourdes has a stall and offers to buy it for 20 million. What will Hugo do once he owns the market?

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