Honesto meets Abby Layer

Honesto returns a gadget to its kid owner named Abby and they become instant friends. Her sister Leah, however, thinks Honesto and Elai are thieves.

In school, Honesto, upon the advice of his Lolo and his Mom, tells his teacher that it was Chubby and not Oca who really cheated during their exam. Because of this, Chubby and his friends beat up Honesto.

Honesto fears going back to school but Lourdes accompanies him. Lourdes talks to Chubby’s mom and several of Honesto’s classmates speak on his behalf, proving to everyone that Honesto did not lie. As a result, Honesto gains friends in school and he is happy.

In the meantime, Hugo and his family go to church to win the trust of the local priest and his parishioners. He and Lena are planning to run for Governor and Mayor, respectively, and they even pay and scare the right people to make sure this happens.

At the church, the Layer family encounters the Galang family. Abby, who turns out to be the youngest Layer, also introduces Honesto to her parents. Hugo tries to sweet talk the priest and even Lemuel, but it seems to be failing. Abby also invites Honesto to come and play with her at their mansion but Lourdes says no. Is this the end of Abby and Honesto’s friendship?

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