Honesto learns the truth about his nose

Lena and Hugo go all out in taking care of their image, even getting an image specialist so that they could put up a front of being a simple and caring couple. Lena isn’t completely happy though because she receives bad news about Diego’s search. She takes it out on one of the maids. She tells Hugo about it but Hugo will have none of it, telling her that it was Diego who left them.

Lourdes is worried when she learns that Honesto’s condition, though nothing to be worried about, comes from a single clan who has the same condition. She also tells Honesto the truth about his condition that his nose will swell every time he lies and that it will go back to normal once he tells the truth.

Meanwhile, Felipe continues his search for Cleto and he sees Hugo Layer on one of his big election posters.

Leah, in the meantime, takes a drive with her friends and runs into her parents’ campaign caravan. She bribes her friend and gets behind the wheel of the car, driving away from the crowd so her parents won’t see her.

Hugo and Lena shake hands with the people when one man tightly grips Hugo’s hand. Hugo looks at the man and is surprised to see Felipe. What will Hugo do?

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