Honesto is proud of his ‘Daddy’ Lourdes

Lourdes goes to Honesto’s school in jeans, shirt, and a cap to attend the school’s father and son event. She explains to the fathers that she is a single mother and she fulfills the role of both mother and father to Honesto.

In one of the challenges, they are asked to build a fire and cook something with it. Chubby’s dad steals their rocks so they can be the first to finish the challenge. Lourdes doesn’t confront Chubby’s dad and they just gather more rocks. She also teaches Honesto that cooking takes its own time and that they don’t need a big fire. In the end, their rice is cooked to perfection while Chubby and his dad’s rice ends up burnt.

Honesto is very proud of Lourdes. Will they get the award for the best father and son tandem?

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