Guillermo gets stabbed

Mercedes cries when she sees the man who was responsible for their family’s ruin. She goes to visit Guillermo in prison and she sees a bruise on his arm.

Luis says sorry to Aling Filomena for having hurt Clavio. He also asks Filomena’s permission to take Mercedes to Batangas for two nights. Andres goes with Mercedes and Luis so he can be Mercedes’s chaperone.

At the resort, Mercedes forgets her worries because Luis is sweet and attentive to her and Andres.

Anthony is mad because Luis chose to go with Mercedes rather than meet with a potential business investor. Likewise, Misty is furious and she tells Malvina about Luis’s vacation with Mercedes.

Magnolia is about to meet someone in the lobby of the hotel where she’s staying.

In jail, Guillermo gets stabbed when he tries to fight back. Will Guillermo live?

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