Guillermo dies

Mercedes and her family are already living a happy life. Clavio has also managed to put up his own car repair shop. He tells Mercedes that he will wait for her no matter how long it takes.

Guillermo leaves presents for everyone under the Christmas tree. He also tells Mercedes of Malvina’s plan of expediting Santiago’s death. Mercedes begs Guillermo to tell Santiago.

Guillermo goes to see Santiago, but he instead encounters Malvina and he lets out that he knows she has been poisoning Santiago. Malvina shoots Guillermo. Misty sees this, but Malvina tells her that no one should know.

Mercedes and her family grieve the death of Guillermo. Santiago attends the burial, but he leaves without anybody seeing him. Luis also wants to attend the funeral, but he chooses to have lunch with Misty instead.

After the funeral, Mercedes’s family opens the gifts and reads the letters left to them by Guillermo. How will Mercedes discover who killed Guillermo?

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