Guido stays away from Annaliza

Guido reiterates to Stella that he will not bother Annaliza and Arlene now that they are living with Laz and that he will not cause any trouble for his “daughters.” He keeps his distance from Annaliza even if it hurts him and even if it means disappointing Cathy with her wish to see Annaliza.

At the Benedictos, Annaliza is quickly settling into her new life. She teaches the maids how to cook in the tune of “Kembot”. She also teaches Laz and Isabel how to dance “Kembot,” even Amparo joins in, albeit unwillingly.

In school, Arlene wants to audition as Laura in a play because PJ is trying out for the part of Florante.

Meanwhile, Amparo uses Mona to make sure Annaliza breaks, by accident, Laz’s prized trophy.

Makoy also calls Amparo to tell her that he is ready anytime that she wishes him to do anything. Will Amparo accept Makoy’s offer?

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